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Our mission is to develop and implement innovative precision medicine strategies for patients suffering from cancer. We are rooted in this purpose – extending the quality and length of life for cancer patients where we may be their best hope.

Our Team

The Rain team is a diverse group of individuals who are passionate about cancer care.


Rain’s programs focus on specific tumor genetics to meaningfully extend patients’ lives.


Rain’s lead program, RAIN-32 (milademetan), is a small molecule, oral inhibitor of mouse double minute 2 (MDM2). It is being developed in patients with MDM2 amplified or overexpressed cancers.

RAD52 Research Program

Rain’s RAD52 research program is currently in preclinical development. RAD52 plays a central role in the DNA Damage Response (DDR) pathway.


Our ultimate goal is to provide patients with effective treatment options that are not characterized by the difficult side effects that are so common with most cancer treatments.

Recent News


Rain Therapeutics Initiates Phase 3 MANTRA Clinical Trial of Milademetan for De-differentiated Liposarcoma and Provides Patient Update from Prior Clinical Program

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Rain Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with Tempus for Genomic Analysis in Planned MDM2-Amplified Phase 2 Basket Trial of RAIN-32

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Rain Therapeutics Announces Patient Referral Partnership for the Planned MDM2-Amplified Phase 2 Basket Trial of RAIN-32

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